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Hull inspection of the ships
Hull inspection of the ships

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Structure Condition Assessment

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Brief information

NDT CONSULT LTD was established as a private organization in 2016 in the city of Varna. The main activity of the company is to carry out non-destructive testing of metallic and non-metallic materials and products for the needs of energy, ship repair and construction.
We offer high quality non-destructive inspection, quality control and inspection services to ensure safe and reliable operation of vessels, pipelines, pressure containers, metal structures, dangerous goods transport tanks, metal and non-metallic materials.
NDT CONSULT LTD uses modern methods for visual inspection (VT), magnetic testing (MT), capillary control (PT), ultrasonic testing (UT), ultrasonic leak detectors (ULT) and ultrasonic thickness measurement (UTM) and special computer programs for calculation.

We guarantee our customers:

  • Professionalism, independence and speed in the implementation of the services offered by us at an acceptable price / service ratio.
  • Work 24 hours a day, seven days a week to meet the commitments and deadlines.
  • Competent work in compliance with the legal and normative documents. Protection of the professional secrecy. The ownership of the client and safe work in the performance of the services offered by us.
  • Unbiased and reliable test results achieved through highly qualified staff.

The management of NDT CONSULT LTD declares its commitment to ensuring discretion in the implementation of the control activities. Managing conflicts of interest and ensuring the objectivity of control activities and ensuring the quality of our services.