1. The main activities of the company are related to the thickness measurement and the detection of faults of the ship hulls and their structures:
UTM for class examination (all types, including ESP ships) UTM for shipowners survey, UTM for CAP study.
UT for control of welds, sheets, bearings, etc.
MT for detection of surface and subsurface indications in shafts, castings, forgings, welds, etc.
PT for detection of surface indications (cracks) in shafts, castings, forgings, welds, etc.
VT visual inspection to evaluate the condition of the steel (photo material) and determine the required quantity for replacement.
ULT for detect the ultrasonic sound of a leak.

2. Measure the thickness of pipelines, pressure tanks, boilers, steam lines.
3. Preparation of all necessary documentation in accordance with the requirements of the client or the respective registrar organizations.
4. Steel Status Assessment (Visual Inspection & UTM & Photography), Draft Draft Reports at Sea, Calculation of Required Column for Steel Replacement, Professional Assistance in Dry Dock Specification. Providing assistance in selecting a suitable ship repair facility.