Marine services

Hull Visual Inspection

Hull structure visual inspection is carrying out to determine the defective area that are required to be renewed and the overall condition of the vessel. The inspectors shall assist the Superintendent in looking out for hull structural defects. Photographs shall be taken and submitted to the ship Owners to allow them to have a better view on the condition of their vessel.

Voyage Inspection

When the schedule of the vessel is too tight for long schedule of inspection & repair in the shipyard. We are able to supply Inspectors to follow the vessel on voyage and carry out inspection onboard. This will help the ship Owners save up time and cost. A guideline on the hull structure repair plan and steel weight estimation shall be worked out and submitted to the Ship Owners. That will make it easy for the Ship Owners to plan their budget and vessel repair schedule during dry-docking.

Structure Condition Assessment

A summary report on the inspection of hull structures including piping in way of tanks, outfitting, anodes condition and coating condition will be submitted to the Ship Owners daily upon completion of the tank inspection. Corrosive areas are mapped out and graded (Heavy corrosion, Patch corrosion, scattered corrosion, Light corrosion, Edge corrosion, heavy scaling….. etc.) The remaining thickness of these steel plates shall be determined by ultrasonic Thickness Measurement in order to find out the actual condition of the steel. Renewal Plan on hull structure defects (Fracture, Crack, Buckling, Serious wastage based on thickness measurement). Photography and Steel Weight Estimation Plan shall be submitted to the Ship Owners.